4 thoughts on “About Phila Back

  1. Phila, I’ve been researching “actual” renewable energy for over 20 years.
    Charles Hall (SUNY) used EROEI (Energy Return Over Energy Invested) because ENERGY cannot be created or destroyed only changed. He and I corresponded for many years. I paper published in the 1980’s stated there was enough WASTE biomass in the US to replace all of the energy being used except for hydro but including transportation.

    Are you interested in my research?
    Leon Breckenridge
    Spokane Valley WA


  2. Why Advanced Anaerobic Digester System Approach?
    Prepared by NWLLC
    For the North Valley Biomass Workshop
    June 29, 2004

    1. Evaluation of Anaerobic Digesters

    I was involved in the development and implementation of waste-to-energy systems during the “first” energy crisis (early 1970’s). During the “hay day” of government and corporate spending over the next 10 years I was probably as informed as anyone on all of the various technologies that had the potential to convert organic wastes into useful energy.

    If you send me your email I will attach a copy and include other applicable ‘facts”




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